Magnificent Mile Diner to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

When in Chicago, the most pleasurable thing to do next to shopping is fine dining. After a one of a kind shopping experience along Michigan Avenue, you can treat yourself to a hearty snack or meal. To replenish the energy that was spent after an enjoyable and exciting shopping in all the famous brands of clothes, shoes, jewelries and many more.

Aside from being the fashion hub of the city, Michigan Avenue is also a haven for those who are hungry. Actually, Chicago has some of the famous restaurants in the US like the newly opened Odyssey where you can eat while on cruise Lake Michigan. An estimated 550 restaurants in this great city and most of these are along Michigan Avenue and inside some luxury hotels.

Within the Magnificent Mile alone, a number of restaurants and food shops can be found. You can be hungry for a specific cuisine if you want to and you can definitely find something that will satisfy you. There are choices also for the younger generation for those who likes luxury, formal dining in the Magnificent Mile. Indeed, people from different walks of life, genre and even likes and dislikes will surely find something to eat here.

The Magnificent Mile at Michigan Avenue boasts of different kinds of cuisines like American, oriental as in Chinese and Thai foods, Mexican, French foods, and even the traditional classic American foods are here. If you enjoy pizzas so much, the California Pizza Kitchen is the placed to be. Looking for variety of foods, try going to The Shops at North Bridge Center, you will find Chicago’s Magnificent Meal.

Occupying the whole 4th floor of the building, it gives a different meaning to food court dining. Well, you have to go there and see why because words can’t describe the feeling, so it is best experienced than described. Also, you can find here different kinds of sandwiches, variety of shakes, smoothies and fruit juices, Italian, Mid East, Japanese and French foods. If you like soups, one of the restaurants here serves hot noodles that surely would open up your appetite.

Another exciting dining experience when in the Michigan Avenue is the Dine-Around where you get to be toured to different restaurants. Customers are picked up at the famous John Hancock center and chauffeured to participating diners and restaurants. Hors D’oeuvres is served in the first resto stopover then the main course on the next stopover and get to enjoy your dessert at a third stopover. Dining tours are being done every Saturday. This is most ideal for groups on tour, company sponsored treats and team activities.