If You Want the Best Markets in London

One of London’s pride is its market places, which conveys a little bit of the history of London. Some of the markets date back to the medieval times, that is why a trip to buy simple food or valuables may sometimes end up being a trip to memory lane

This goes without saying that of course, different people have different preferences. You may or may not agree about our choice of the best markets in London, but we have outlined our explanations why that certain market enters our list – and its up to you to judge.

Abbey Mills Market
If you are aiming to relax in South London area while browsing the different goods displayed, Abbey Mills Market is for you. The market place boasts an assortment of crafts, jewellery, antiques, and hand made goods plus a functional pottery located in the old watermill. You will likely find some unique baubles and other gifts including those which you may consider as out of this world. The Abbey Mills’ history is also etched in the textile museum. The market is situated on the Northern Line near the Colliers Wood Tube station.

Camden Market
Beautifully crafted antiques, second hand objects, jewellery, and vintage clothing – these are the statements of the Camden market. The place has been constantly innovated but it still retains its underground flair. The archaic vibe may be attributed to the fact that the market is just adjacent to the Grand Union Canal sprawled with old buildings and has sections which surrounds the Victorian Market Hall. They have numerous alternatives when it comes too food stalls and local dining areas where you can just unwind. The local pubs also showcase local musicians who will entertain you after your shopping spree. Busy market days would be Saturdays and Sundays. The market is just 5 minutes away from the Northern Line Camden Town Tube station.

Brick Lane Market
To savour a genuine London atmosphere, bring yourself to the famous Brick Lane Market located in the East End of London. The upbeat environment where shops sell second hand belongings in the midst of Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine serving restos and popular bars will surely capture your attention. The only downside to this market place however, is that it is only available every Sunday, although there are other happenings in Brick Lane on other week days. The place is close to Liverpool St, which is conveniently linked to places like the Circle, District, Metropolitan, and Central lines.

Greenwich Market
If you want a more laid back market place alive with history, then find your way to Greenwich. The stores are active from Wednesdays to Sundays. The stall feature a variety of interesting collectibles, antiques, and collector’s arts and crafts.

Leadenhall Market
The City of London holds the well – groomed Leadenhall Market, which is a sight to behold. The Victorian styled and glass-roofed ceiling will leave you awed and strolling beneath it is breath taking. Lamb Tavern, a local historical site, still welcomes visitors for a good drinking session.

Covent Garden
Despite being dubbed as a century old market place, Covent Garden is home to the younger population and tourists. Modern shops, gourmet restaurants, street dining places, and several pubs now sprawl the area. Whether by day or night, the place is bustling with energy since jugglers, mimes, and buskers habitually perform in the streets all day long. The Covent Garden tube is just close by the market place.

The markets in London can give you almost anything, so give yourself a nice stroll and enjoy the ambiance of the environment, the views, the sounds, and the aroma of London’s marketplaces.