Eating in La Tania

To be sure, this small, family-friendly resort may not have the reputation for a bustling nightlife like its next-door neighbours do. Still, visitors on ski holidays need not worry about boring nights wearing fluffy slippers cooped up in the ski chalet! La Tania may not be the party capital of the Alps, but there are many places for après ski activities, dining (casual or gourmet) and more in the area to enjoy!

Wondering where to go after a day of skiing and snowboarding? Here are a few of the favourites.

Apres Ski Fun: Pub Le Ski Lodge
The Ski Lodge has earned a reputation as the social centre of this resort, and rightly so. If you’re looking for a fun time and an evening out of the chalet, La Tania’s fun crowd will be found here! Its amazing drinks – the most famous of which is The Ski Lodge Cocktail- coupled with great entertainment [including live music from great bands, live telecasts on satellite on its screens and more], ensure unforgettable nights of fun and excitement. It’s not just a bar, however. The Ski Lodge is a great restaurant as well, offering generous helpings of wonderful pub fare at very reasonable prices.

Upmarket Lounging and Savoyard Specialities: La Taiga
If you’re looking for a more relaxing, upmarket establishment to enjoy after a day’s skiing, head on over to La Taiga, after dumping your gear and freshening up at the chalet. La Tania’s chill out resto-bar is frequented by an older and more sophisticated crowd and furnished with leather sofas, glass tables and a crackling fire. But don’t worry, it won’t be too quiet – there are still live bands playing here on occasion as well as rousing party night.

As for food, La Taiga also serves great meals at its restaurant, should you be craving to sample authentic Savoyard fare outside your chalet. La Tania’s signature meals such as the traditional fondue, raclette and tartiflette are best sampled here first- so you know what they should really taste like! As well, the menu includes other options like foie gras and modern salads.

More Savoyard Options: La Ferme
Another place to experience traditional, authentic Savoyard meat and cheese dishes, La Chanterelle offers all this and more, but specializes in crépes. Not to be missed!

Michelin-Starred Sophistication: Le Farçon
If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with impressively fancy dishes- or just a good reason to dress up and get out of your ski chalet- La Tania’s very own Michelin-starred restaurant is your best bet! Try out the tasting menu, which offers what seems to be a never-ending parade of small portions with amazing tastes and flavours, such as king prawns (in the mountains? Unbelievable!) with scrambled egg, freshwater fish in cream, snails in garlic cream and more. This is fabulous and innovative French cuisine in the middle of the French Alps!

Fast Food
Should you wake up with an unexplainable craving for a Big Mac or quarter-pounder inside your ski chalet, La Tania unfortunately won’ t be able to help. There is, however, a well known fast-food chain restaurant some 40 minutes outside the resort at Bourg St. Maurice. Inside the resort there are several places that offer wonderful burgers (as well as pizza) for lunch and dinner such as Le Chrome Bar, and of course, Pub Le Ski Lodge.