Little Known Facts and Other Uses for Rolling Pins

Who invented them? Why were they invented? Are they only good for rolling out bread dough and cookies? I will answer these and other… very interesting things about our need for rolling pins!

First, not to confuse the rolling pin with the bowling pin (or any other pin), the rolling pin is a utensil that has a cylindrical shape with one handle on each side that is used in the kitchen mainly to flatten out and shape dough.

According to historical records, many ancient civilizations used round pieces of wood (probably branches with the bark removed) to flatten, or smash or crush their different types of food. The old saying is true, “There is nothing new under the sun”! They also used hardened clay, and glass bottles. Obviously, the glass bottles came later. Regardless of the raw material used, it would have been an antique form of a pin compared to what we now have.

The modern wooden rolling pin is much different than the earlier styles. Not only does it now have handles, but due to the invention of J.W. Reed in the late 1800’s, the handles now roll independently of the actual cylinder. Previously (and I remember this, it must have been my Great Grandmothers pin!) the handles were just a part of the cylinder and you could not hold the handles and roll the pin. Being one unit, if you held the handles too tightly, the pin would just scrape across the top of your dough- accomplishing… well, not much! I seem to remember a big pile of dough at the end of my board! J.W. Reed must have experienced similar issues causing him to create and patent a rod that would allow the cylinder to spin independently of the handles.

I promised you little known facts. Here’s one: in the United States alone, there are between 600,000 to 750,000 rolling pins manufactured every year! Where in the world are all of these pins being used? I have found that having only one in my kitchen is plenty!

Pins are not only made of wood any longer. Glass pins are popular in Italy, in fact, they use chilled wine bottles! The French prefer marble pins on top of marble boards. Other countries make theirs hollow, filling the center with cold water. This would be similar to the Italians and the wine bottle. Here, in the United States, we have primarily used wood. Going back to J.W. Reed’s day, pine would have been plentiful and is a soft wood, easy to cut or whittle. Today, most popular are Ash and Maple. Specifically, Rock Maple, as it is a very hard wood (as you can tell by the name alone!). Ash and Rock Maple are used primarily with professional cooking schools, bakeries and high-end retail stores.

Are there any other uses for rolling pins, aside from baking and comics who portray angry housewives chasing children and husbands around the house? I found a couple. Thinking outside the box, they are great for children while doing arts and crafts. They can bring relief to aching muscles and knots. The ones with the hollow center can be filled with ice and water for bruising, or with hot water to loosen cramped muscles. You can also lie down and use the pin to roll your feet on, thus giving them a much needed massage after standing all day and baking in the kitchen!

Curcumin and its Health Benefits

For several years, turmeric played a major part in Ayurvedic customs, from lowering arthritis, inflammation to a whole host of illness. Presently, there are numerous continuous looks into on Curcumin and turmeric to see their capacity in fighting lethal and life threatening illness.
The significant element in turmeric, which also gives it the unique yellow color, is Curcumin (a Curcuminoid). Because the early 1800 scientists have been trying to find out the origin of Curcumin so about have the ability to produce and utilize it separately. In 1815, in their very first break with, scientist initially separated the Curcumin molecule. In 1870, scientist additionally made development in getting the Curcumin in crystalline kind. In 1910, scientists finally were able to determine Curcumin’s total structure.
Curcumin is a chemical substance and very strong antioxidant, which belongs to the class of Curcuminoids. Besides being the essential Curcuminoid in turmeric, Curcumin is also a natural chemical and a natural polyphenol, which provides numerous wellness benefits.
Curcumin usually exist in many tautomeric kinds, out of which is a 3-diketo kind and 2 comparable Enol types. The Enol kind is more actively steady in the tough stage and in solution.
Curcumin is not only able to cure illness but can also hold at bay a number of diseases. For over a hundred years, people in India have been making use of turmeric in their home solutions and in Ayurvedic medicines.
I know after reading this, you will wonder to find out, “What exactly does Curcumin do?” Firstly, when used in a supplement kind, it can detoxify and ease pain to an excellent degree. It benefits the internal organs like no other natural item, as the skin, tummy, heart and liver benefit immensely from this single substance.
It is capable of battling life threatening illness like cancer and numerous heart issues. It also has revealed favorable enhancements against illness like arthritis, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Curcumin is the most vigorous phytochemical of turmeric, providing it its bright color and the only source of its curative abilities.
Curcumin’s disorder fighting capacity has been confirmed and deliberated against, psoriasis, illness of the vascular system, Crohn’s condition, and atopic dermatitis, many sort of cancer, type II diabetes and arthritis among others.
In the Indian traditional practice of Ayurveda, meanings “long Life”, turmeric is called a strong anti-inflammatory, how? The answer is Curcumin. Half a century of research has proved that Curcumin is the major reason for the spice’s.

Anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin is acknowledged to stop or slow enzymes that lead to swelling like 5-lipooxygenase and cyclooxygenase-2. It works through the blood stream too. Researchers have proved that Curcumin can moderate near to about 700 diverse genetic elements.
It has been carefully studied and discovered that turmeric contains anti-oxidants that can stop free extreme injury to cells. These properties in turmeric come from Curcumin; these properties are more powerful than vitamin E and much more powerful than vitamin C. It has even more power that that of grape seeds or pine bark extract, and it is durable enough to match the hydroxyl radical, the most reactive oxidant thought about by many.
The Curcuminoids that come from turmeric assistance the functions of numerous organs like a healthy liver, healthy joints, and great blood flow. These are required for a person’s total health.

Growth of restaurants in Indianapolis- Strategically burgeoning by leaps and bounds

Over the past few years, many restaurants have made a heavy push to strategically penetrate in the growing market. Restaurants are incorporating effective management techniques and expanded their operations strategically all over the United States. Restaurants business in the US has been characterized by rapid and dependable growth.

Indianapolis, which is regarded as the most populous city in the US has witnessed a dramatic rise in restaurant businesses. Several restaurants have started their operation in Indianapolis and they have received overwhelming response. People travelling in Indianapolis have increased in numbers which eventually augmented the demand of restaurants. The competition among restaurants is fierce, hence many restaurant owners are adopting a few strategies to gain brand recognition.

Small restaurants employ various product strategies, whether they’re selling fast food, casual dining or mid-scale entrees. Some product strategies are structured to boost customer visits at certain times of the day, such as lunch or dinner. Other product strategies are used to more directly impact profit margins. Other than that, value approach also plays a key role in strategically positioning the brand name.

Restaurants in Indianapolis perform value approach strategies such as the best buffet in Indianapolis, catering in Indianapolis and quick food delivery in Indianapolis to attract groups of people or families. These strategies not only increases the customer retention rate, but also creates a positive buzz about the restaurant’s establishment.

Tourism in Indianapolis has gone up, with the city hosting numerous conventions and sporting events. Of these, perhaps the best-known are the annual Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400, NHRA U.S. Nationals and Gen Con the largest tabletop-game convention in North America. Other major sporting events include the annual Big Ten Conference football championship and the Men’s and Women’s NCAA basketball tournaments. People come from all around the globe to witness some of these finest events. Restaurants typically make necessary changes in their menu items and do a lot of seasonal food promotions. Some food sells a lot during a particular season. Sensing the lacuna, restaurant owners take the advantage of these food trends and therefore market their products accordingly.

People eat more fish during Lent, which occurs for 40 days before Easter. Therefore, restaurants create more fish meals and promotions during this period to maximize sales and profits. Similarly, they offer green beer on Saint Patrick’s Day in case they plan to run a full service dining facility. And promote more ice cream products and chilled desserts during the summer months.

It has also been observed that restaurants are actively making digital marketing as their primary growth tool. Social media forums and other technology platforms have definitely been the driving force for business operations to flourish. Restaurant owners are proactively engaging themselves in various digital strategy platforms to take the restaurants to a pinnacle.

Save Money And Time With A Bread Maker

A loaf of bread depending on what brand and variety you buy can run anywhere from two dollars to five dollars.

If you were to make your own bread you would only need to buy the simple ingredients that go into making a basic bread.

Those simple ingredients would include bread, flour and yeast. The other ingredients are regular every day household items that you more than likely have in your house on an every day basis. Such as water or milk, eggs, butter or margarine salt and sugar.

And by the way sugar is not a necessary ingredient for bread making especially if you are using a bread machine.

There are many bread makers to choose from so if you want to save some money at the grocery store but are not much of a baker than a bread maker would be an ideal purchase for you.

The bread making products you can buy are designed to make one and a half to two pound loaves which is plenty of bread to get you through a week.

A basic bread recipe for a one and a half pound loaf consists of the following ingredients.

1 cup of milk

2 large eggs

1.5 tablespoons butter or margarine

1.5 teaspoon of salt

3 cups of bread flour

2 1/4 tablespoon of sugar

1 teaspoon dry yeast

Simply take three to five minutes to combine these ingredients into the bread pan of the bread maker and you are good to go. Your new kitchen gadget will spend approximately three hours doing the rest of the work for you.

And of course when its done your home will be filled with the wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread.

Not only do you save time and money making your own bread but you are also making a very healthy choice.

Have you ever read what goes into the bread that you buy in a supermarket? The next time you are in the bread aisle take a look at the ingredients in any loaf of bread on the shelf and your jaw will drop.

The amount of additives and preservatives is mind boggling.

Now back to the bread maker…

You are not limited to just basic bread, there are many varieties of bread you can make just by following the simple instructions in any bread cook book or any old recipe you can find on the internet.

Most if not all of these products list a good number of bread recipes in the owners manual.

French bread, raisin bread, sandwich bread, and chocolate bread just to name a few.

They are fun investments and will eventually pay for themselves. And they are great from a time standpoint as well.

Again, the prep time to make bread in a bread maker is three to five minutes.

This is definitely something to consider and if you are interested in buying one make sure you do your homework. There are plenty out there and reading on line customer reviews is very helpful in making a decision. It worked for me.

9 useful facts about almonds

Almonds are nuts, rich in nutrients. Due to its high content of dietary fiber, protein, organic vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, the almonds are considered to be appropriate for maintaining a healthy food diet.

Here are some health benefits of consuming almonds …

1. Against colds and flu

Eating almonds help protect the body from viral diseases and influenza. According to research by British and Italian scientists ingredients in the outer shell of almonds strengthen the immune system reaction to this type of infection.

It is believed that substances in almonds help to increase and improve the ability of white blood cells to detect viruses.

2. Reducing Cholesterol

A handful of almonds a day helps reduce cholesterol and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, US researchers found.

Consumption of ’75 almonds a day lowers levels of “harmful”, LDL, cholesterol by 19%, according to survey results.

3. Against diabetes and heart problems

Eating almonds have a positive effect on limiting the risk of developing diabetes. Nuts are rich in the mineral magnesium, which plays a role in regulating blood sugar.

Study at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey publish, that a diet rich in nuts helps to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the levels of “harmful”, LDL, cholesterol in people with prediabetes.

4. To reduce high blood pressure

People with diets with a high content of sodium deficient in calcium and potassium are at higher risk of developing hypertension.

Incorporating healthy foods like almonds in your diet, you can effectively reduce or prevent high blood pressure.

5. Almonds protect against cancer

The content of amygdalin in almonds reduces the risk of developing cancer. The composition acts as antioxidant and helps to the removal of carcinogenic free radicals from the body.

The high fiber content in nuts purified toxins from the gut, leading to degeneration of the cells and reduces the risk of developing colon cancer.

6. They are rich in proteins

The proteins are about 18% of the composition of the almonds. Amino acids contained in them, betting proper development of muscles and tissues in the body.

As a number of carbohydrates in almonds is limited, they are a good source of protein for people with high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

8. Against constipation

Due to the high fiber content, the consumption of a handful of almonds a day helps prevent constipation, experts say.

Fiber facilitates the movement of intestinal contents and effective release of the intestines.

9. help weight loss

Eating a handful of almonds for breakfast helps weight loss because they have an effect to satiate and suppress appetite for a long time.

Food with a low glycemic index, such as almonds, are degraded more slowly by the body, which do not cause fluctuations in blood sugar levels and insulin.

Nutritionists and dietetics recommend eating a handful of raw and unpeeled walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts a day.

Safety Tips for Liquor Lovers in UAE

Liquor or alcohol in the form of beer, spirits and wine is consumed by people of different cultures across the world. Liquor lovers need to follow some guidelines to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from this activity. Responsible drinking means not to become drunk and never have to feel sorry for what has happened during drinking. A little self-control is all that is needed.

Drinking liquor does not devastate lives but the lack of control would do that precisely. Those who are psychologically damaged or unstable, suffering from depression and extreme anger should strictly avoid liquor consumption.

According to the recent survey conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than fifty one percent adults consume at least 12 drinks a year.
For safe alcohol consumption, listed below are tips to be followed by liquor lovers

• Eat food while you drink
Make sure you eat along with drinking. It is good to have high protein foods like nuts, cheese, meats as they help to slow the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. You can also opt for a veggie platter with hummus and pita for its fiber and protein content. It is a better option than French fries and onion rings. It is important to eat first and eat enough.

• Never drink on an empty stomach
Have your drinks with a meal especially when you are drinking out and you have to drive home. Alcohol lowers blood sugar levels and consuming liquor on a empty stomach would deplete those levels further.

• Take rest
It is important to have a good night`s rest after a night of drinking. You also need to keep away from liquor after strenuous physical activity or after a poor sleep at night.

• Pace your drinks
Space your alcohol drinks with a non alcoholic drink to keep your blood alcohol concentration down. You can also avoid intoxication. You need to drink at regular reasonable intervals with a drink an hour schedule.

You need to pace your drinking, start with a big glass of water and lemon and this will keep you well hydrated.

• Know your limits
You need to have moderation in drinking. Not too much and not too fast or gulping. You should not have more than one drink a day and the standard drink is 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine and 1 and ½ ounces of liquor. Crossing your limits would mean intoxication.

• Keep away from fruit and rum drinks
Beware of unfamiliar drinks as it can be deceiving. Alcohol in them is not easily detectable and they are high in calories too. Mixed drinks are not satiating.

• Choose clear liquids
Dark alcohols result in severe hangovers as they contain highest amount of congeners. Stick to Vodka and there are many flavored vodkas and the best bet is vodka martini.

• Avoid mixed drinks
Taking mixed drinks on an empty stomach can cause dizziness, weakness and mood swings.

• Drink plenty of water
As alcohol is diuretic and can lead to dehydration, headaches, you need to drink plenty of water to keep your system well hydrated.

Choose beer, wine and wine spritzers as they are lower in overall alcohol content and allow you to stay in action without getting intoxicated when taken in moderation. Drink wisely and responsibly.