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Magnificent Mile Diner to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

When in Chicago, the most pleasurable thing to do next to shopping is fine dining. After a one of a kind shopping experience along Michigan Avenue, you can treat yourself to a hearty snack or meal. To replenish the energy that was spent after an enjoyable and exciting shopping in all the famous brands of clothes, shoes, jewelries and many more.

Aside from being the fashion hub of the city, Michigan Avenue is also a haven for those who are hungry. Actually, Chicago has some of the famous restaurants in the US like the newly opened Odyssey where you can eat while on cruise Lake Michigan. An estimated 550 restaurants in this great city and most of these are along Michigan Avenue and inside some luxury hotels.

Within the Magnificent Mile alone, a number of restaurants and food shops can be found. You can be hungry for a specific cuisine if you want to and you can definitely find something that will satisfy you. There are choices also for the younger generation for those who likes luxury, formal dining in the Magnificent Mile. Indeed, people from different walks of life, genre and even likes and dislikes will surely find something to eat here.

The Magnificent Mile at Michigan Avenue boasts of different kinds of cuisines like American, oriental as in Chinese and Thai foods, Mexican, French foods, and even the traditional classic American foods are here. If you enjoy pizzas so much, the California Pizza Kitchen is the placed to be. Looking for variety of foods, try going to The Shops at North Bridge Center, you will find Chicago’s Magnificent Meal.

Occupying the whole 4th floor of the building, it gives a different meaning to food court dining. Well, you have to go there and see why because words can’t describe the feeling, so it is best experienced than described. Also, you can find here different kinds of sandwiches, variety of shakes, smoothies and fruit juices, Italian, Mid East, Japanese and French foods. If you like soups, one of the restaurants here serves hot noodles that surely would open up your appetite.

Another exciting dining experience when in the Michigan Avenue is the Dine-Around where you get to be toured to different restaurants. Customers are picked up at the famous John Hancock center and chauffeured to participating diners and restaurants. Hors D’oeuvres is served in the first resto stopover then the main course on the next stopover and get to enjoy your dessert at a third stopover. Dining tours are being done every Saturday. This is most ideal for groups on tour, company sponsored treats and team activities.

Foodaholic’s New Hives in Valencia

Valencia City is the most populated, fast growing, and most progressive city of the Province of Bukidnon. Hotels, resorts, and international franchises like 7-Eleven are investing in the City. With this, many locals of the City are also influenced in putting up capitals to start up new and small but unique businesses. Most of these businesses owned by young entrepreneurs are places where people can chill, eat good food, and have fun. These diners are the new hives of the food lovers of the City.

The Burgers ‘n Fries Forever located at Roxas Street near the San Agustin Institute of Technology, is one diner where many young foodaholics hang out. The diner serves beef burger made of Australian brahman beef patty sandwiched by a big but soft bun, tossed in with lettuce, slices of tomato, dashed with pickles, and sauced with their special mixed sauce. They also serve sausages in flavors of Schublig, Vealbratwurst, Cheese, Frankfurter, and the all-time favorite Hungarian. Burger or sausage is boring without french fries. BFF also serves French fries in exciting shapes and flavors. The serve pennant fries, twister fries, crisscut fries, and the healthiest skin-on fries. They also have drinks and smoothie that are refreshing and thirst quenching. For a meal with BFF burger, fries, and drink would cost you 159 pesos only. And it is just enough for tasty food, cool ambiance with free WiFi kind of hang out.

Overlooking the Pulangi River and the vast farms is the Hive Resto Bar and Grill. They serve the delicious food, good entertainment, and so much fun. The Hive is known for their hot sizzlers like sizzling sisig, sizzling beef steak, sizzling squid, and the best seller sizzling garlic pork belly. And they are the first to offer grill your own food in town. Many young adults go and hangout at The Hive not just for the food but also for the entertainment showcasing the local talents of Bukidnon. Karaoke rooms are also available for those who wish to have an exclusive small group parties. And since a cinema is not available in the City, they have a big screen showing blockbuster movies. This is the place to be at for those who wish to enjoy and have fun.

Astonishingly Nature’s Best Proof

If you are thinking of a weekend getaway where you can just reconnect with mother nature, you may want to consider adding Ifugao, Philippines in your list. It can be a haphazard vacation but still, you will have that assurance that you will achieve that euphoric sabbatical feeling.

I had the exceptional chance to go and stay there for two days, together with my friends. It was a once in a lifetime vacation and I thought it’s a nice shatter from our routinary work-home-work-home schedule in the city. So off we all went on a weekend. Although, typically, I wanted to experience the more conventional way of spending a vacation, you know, searching for the cheapest inn, discovering the roads going to the most beautiful spots, questioning my heart out to know where’s the best restaurant, etc. I really never had the chance to experience any of these since we stayed in a place where everything was free, courtesy of another friend. Anyway, it was really divine…okay, I know I haven’t even started with my story yet, but really, it was.

Ideally, it was supposed to be a 6-hour drive from Manila but we had several stop-over. One in Plaridel, Bulacan, San Jose City and last one in Sta. Fe, Nueva Viscaya where the passengers usually eat and buy local food so the buses usually stay longer in that area. We left at 11 o’clock in the evening and reached Lagawe, Ifugao at around 7 o’clock the next day. Our breakfast? The Singh family cooked native ‘longganisa’, it’s ground meat placed in pig’s large entrails, the meat was cubed bigger so that made it their exclusive version. We snoozed for about an hour before we started our expedition then it took us another hour or two to reach Banaue. The people were so smiling all the time. I would wave at some kids since we got our way there riding a public vehicle; I was on top of it (also known as jeepney, another Filipino thingy) and I remember they would wave back. Then before I knew it and had another chance to breathe again, we were already looking at the enormous Banaue Rice Terraces. It’s not at all surprising how the renowned terraces of Ifugao province got global standing and acknowledgment as, as we all know,the eighth Wonder of the World. It was unbelievable, I mean, being there at that moment, realizing that the astounding terraces were, in fact, obscurely created and shaped by the Ifugaos themselves, yes, by their own hands. It was awe-inspiring, it stopped me from dreaming so materialistically because seeing the people there was so humbling. What they had done was a reminder of how we should take care of the things God gave us. After our lunch at a diner called ‘Mexicali Resto’ where the vegetables were all fresh (the waiting time after we ordered was a little bit lengthy, but I would say it’s okay, since I was with my friends and we spent the time chitchatting, taking pictures and wowing ourselves to death watching the whole place) we trekked all our way to the ladders of the Ifugao terraces.We actually reached the peak of it, well, almost. It was so beautiful. Being out there, I felt so close to heaven…it’s like one floor away from God.

On our second day, we went to the Yamashita Treasure Place in Kiangan, which, by the way, looked striking. Couple that with the perfect lunch we had at our friend’s farm where the boys also did gun-shooting.

It was really spectacular. Remove all the good panorama, and it still was a great place because of the people. I like the way they have maintained their lifestyle, I view it as a little ‘amish-ish’, and that’s what keeps the Ifugaos apart, undeniably. I will always remember the place, same with the feelings that I had while I was there. I will always remember the people that I was with and will treasure them in my heart.

Scottsdale Opens Doors For New Resto

Many have attempted but only few succeed to put up foreign-inspired restaurants that gave justice to that country’s dish. We have a full line of French, Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants almost enough to fill up the representatives of the United Nations.

Italian food fanatics are sure to love the newly opened Italian restaurant, the Marcellino Ristorante, in Scottsdale starting April 30.

Neighborhoods changed, people came and went and the North Central Phoenix saw the rise of the only two Italian restaurants in the area called the Digestif and Tutto in two years. Now with the advent of another Italian restaurant, craving for Italian dishes will now be satisfied. With the famous Chef Marcellino Verzino who’s been reputed for his very Italian menu and new cooking techniques to match, the restaurant will leave you craving for more. The rise of this new Italian restaurant is probably the one to break the spell of the restaurants unfortunate vanishing in Scottsdale. It is also probably the proof there’s no such thing as bad luck.

Aside from the fact that the food are prepared and cooked by one of the best Italian chefs, they are also served in reasonable prices. The dishes include but are not limited to veal scaloppini, cognac-flamed lamb with grapes and Italian seafood stew. They also serve different kinds of salads, wine and melts and cheese. If the food sounds appetizing enough, well you haven’t seen the real thing yet. Because if you did, you’d sure be to declare the Marcellino Restoranti is the best Italian restaurant you had to date.

Marcelliono Restoranti’s homemade pasta is so excellent it became the cutting edge against other Italian restaurants. Some of the specialties include papardelle with lamb ragu, saffron linguini and fettuccine. For now, the restaurant is open for dinner only. But sometime in this, they will also be serving lunch.

Food establishments such as the Marcellino Restoranti is always a big hit especially if no other the same business lasted long enough to leave a mark in Scottsdale. It should always continue to fit the people’s fancy, yet at the same time introduce new dishes to fancy for. Some restaurants cease to exist because their dishes become old, there’s no more really to choose from after a few months.

Italian food lovers also tend to be picky and will place every dish under scrutiny. It’s a good thing that Marcellino Restoranti is owned and managed by an Italian, the dishes are cooked by the owner himself. That way, the food be always taste original and the patrons will feel Italy-bound.

Scottsdale might even develop a taste for anything Italian from now on. Despite the common notion that Italy is only known for their pizza and pasta, the other main dishes are must-try.

The Scottsdale real estate must be delighted with this new restaurant. People who come in and look for Scottsdale homes for sale will also find the restaurant enchanting and a great way to relax and take a break.