Enjoy a Popular Holiday Destination

Krabi is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Thailand evolving across the Andaman Sea. Krabi is one of the most famous holiday and tourist destinations of Thailand. Krabi is known More »

Backpacking Information on Hong Kong

HONG KONG The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is multifaceted with its Cantonese and British influences that undeniably create appeal to both Easter and Western audiences. More »

A Travel Beyond Journey in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Morocco is located in the center of the Rif Mountains. The name of this city refers to the mountain top shape of the two mountains just above it which looks like More »

An Overview of Pune

Are you all geared up to visit Pune? This city, which was once the capital of Maharashtra, is the eighth largest city of India located on the convergence of Mutha and Mula More »

Eating in La Tania

To be sure, this small, family-friendly resort may not have the reputation for a bustling nightlife like its next-door neighbours do. Still, visitors on ski holidays need not worry about boring nights More »

Grotto Bay Beach Resort

Grotto Bay Beach Resort actually got its name from the subterranean caves found inside its own territory. The resort is located on the eastern end of the Bermuda Island, and it is blossoming with various tropical plants and trees. It sits on 21 acres of tropical gardens in Hamilton Parish which is very near the airport too.

The beach resort is small with rocky ledges. But despite the fact that it is not as big as the other resorts and seems to be just another ordinary beach, it is considered as one of the best Bermuda hotels. Perhaps, the reason for this is that there are only a few nice beaches close by. But still, the shoreline in the vicinity is quite captivating with lots of natural caves and coves.

Moreover, the resort continues to attract visitors especially those who want to experience the authentic Bermudan atmosphere. Another thing that draws the crowd to this resort is the fact that the packages are more affordable as compared to other resorts under the same category.

When you first see the place, you will instantly be impressed with it

Restaurants in Philippines Listed on a Directory

People thought, it would be one crazy idea to put together all the contact details of restaurants in Philippines knowing it will be quite impossible to gather all the numbers from all major telephone companies-but there is one site who did it.

Unfortunately, none of the telephone companies thought of such novel idea. All of them are quite busy growing their millions and billions and neglect the fact that there is a need for such. An advertising group created an online directory listing and gathered all businesses’ information and listed them all on the site; and one of which is the restaurants in Philippines.

Perhaps, most foreigners would agree that one of the best things they look forward to in coming to the country is the restaurants in Philippines.

On the site, restaurants in Philippines are listed for free except for those who advertise with their full contact details.

In Makati City alone, there are these restaurants that subscribed to the site like Mexicali, the Home of California Burritos and More; Café Mediterranean; and Modern China Restaurant are all situated in Ayala Center in Greenbelt and Glorietta.

The beauty of the site that

Scottsdale Opens Doors For New Resto

Many have attempted but only few succeed to put up foreign-inspired restaurants that gave justice to that country’s dish. We have a full line of French, Chinese, Japanese and Thai restaurants almost enough to fill up the representatives of the United Nations.

Italian food fanatics are sure to love the newly opened Italian restaurant, the Marcellino Ristorante, in Scottsdale starting April 30.

Neighborhoods changed, people came and went and the North Central Phoenix saw the rise of the only two Italian restaurants in the area called the Digestif and Tutto in two years. Now with the advent of another Italian restaurant, craving for Italian dishes will now be satisfied. With the famous Chef Marcellino Verzino who’s been reputed for his very Italian menu and new cooking techniques to match, the restaurant will leave you craving for more. The rise of this new Italian restaurant is probably the one to break the spell of the restaurants unfortunate vanishing in Scottsdale. It is also probably the proof there’s no such thing as bad luck.

Aside from the fact that the food are prepared and cooked by one of the

Enjoy a Popular Holiday Destination

Krabi is a beautiful town on the southern coast of Thailand evolving across the Andaman Sea. Krabi is one of the most famous holiday and tourist destinations of Thailand. Krabi is known as the country’s oldest continued settlement. Its history has its roots deeply buried with Thailand heritage and culture. Krabi is popularly known for its undisturbed and untouched islands.

Krabi is lined with beautiful beaches and several national parks. The Hat Noparat Thara is a scenic beach with its pristine waters washing along the white sands and covered with spectacular seashells. Ban Thong Agricultural Station is a pilot farm that breeds various varieties of rubber, tea and other plants. The cliffs near the Railway Beach are world renowned for the best rock climbing. Krabi’s islands with its breathtaking simplicity makes you lose track of time and disappear into a world of enchanting calm and peace.

Offering a Stunning Vacation

Phi Phi Islands, a part of the archipelago, are famous among the backpackers the world over as a travel paradise. The Viking Cave, the Maya Bay and the Bamboo Islands are some of the famous tourist attractions here. Ao Nang is a bay that stretches

Backpacking Information on Hong Kong


The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China is multifaceted with its Cantonese and British influences that undeniably create appeal to both Easter and Western audiences. Upon first impression, Hong Kong dares not intimidate with a travel scene that can’t be more welcoming, despite its strict organization. The blinding neon signs, the deafening calls of vendors, or the seductive gastronomic aromas, what better and more convenient invitation could there be. Hong Kong has a worldwide repute of being a shopper’s haven with streets teeming of shoppers daily who are there for one and one reason only-the bargains. The odd smells of grilled unusual parts might throw you off in the middle of shopping, but it is all part and parcel of the experience.

Still and all, a brand new tourist crowd is blossoming and enjoying Hong Kong’s fresh features such as its blissful traditional and fusion cuisine. Besides becoming a food destination, there are novel developments with its nature tourism industry that creates about this new Hong Kong perspective. Even so, the water city need not its greatest asset Big Brother Jackie to promote the small city, for it is

A Travel Beyond Journey in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen Morocco is located in the center of the Rif Mountains. The name of this city refers to the mountain top shape of the two mountains just above it which looks like horns of a goat. Literally, the word “Chef Chaouen” means “look at the horns.” The appearance of the place in Chefchaouen is quite very simple. Walls and houses are painted with white while their doors are painted with striking blue colors. When in the skyline of Chefchaouen, you will find yourself between the two mountains. One of the freshest water sources can be found at the end of the valley just between the two mountains.

Chefchaouen Morocco is also a popular destination for shopping. Many native handicrafts can be found here that are not available anywhere in Morocco such as woven blankets and wool. Also an added food attraction to the tourists is their goat cheese. Other goods that are carefully handcrafted by the natives of Chefchaouen are shoes and things made of leather, furniture made of cedar wood, pottery, dyes, and henna. Eating in this town is not a problem as there are many restaurants and cafes available almost anywhere. Try out the Tagines

An Overview of Pune

Are you all geared up to visit Pune? This city, which was once the capital of Maharashtra, is the eighth largest city of India located on the convergence of Mutha and Mula rivers. The best aspect about Pune is not just its scenic beauty but an amassment of educational, research and development industries. The city is ornamented with spectacular historical monuments and testaments of the Maratha era. Travelers visiting Pune have left their comments, speaking volume about the city in all aspects; this is evident in the city reviews – Pune. These city reviews- Pune provides lot of information about Pune and its places of interest, historical monuments, educational institutions, supermarkets and other landmarks of the city which acts as a guide for tourists.

Shopping in Pune can be quite a fulfilling experience. The city is a place where you can get everything ranging from branded merchandise to the best of traditional handicrafts or just some knick-knacks to dress up your home at the best reasonable prices. M.G Road and Dhole Patil road are among the best places for shopping in Pune. Apart from these, Laxmi Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park and Fergusson College Road

Eating in La Tania

To be sure, this small, family-friendly resort may not have the reputation for a bustling nightlife like its next-door neighbours do. Still, visitors on ski holidays need not worry about boring nights wearing fluffy slippers cooped up in the ski chalet! La Tania may not be the party capital of the Alps, but there are many places for après ski activities, dining (casual or gourmet) and more in the area to enjoy!

Wondering where to go after a day of skiing and snowboarding? Here are a few of the favourites.

Apres Ski Fun: Pub Le Ski Lodge
The Ski Lodge has earned a reputation as the social centre of this resort, and rightly so. If you’re looking for a fun time and an evening out of the chalet, La Tania’s fun crowd will be found here! Its amazing drinks – the most famous of which is The Ski Lodge Cocktail- coupled with great entertainment [including live music from great bands, live telecasts on satellite on its screens and more], ensure unforgettable nights of fun and excitement. It’s not just a bar, however. The Ski Lodge is a great restaurant as well, offering generous helpings of wonderful

Days of Our Lives on Boracay

We had the days of our lives on Boracay Island in the Philippines and you can too. Finding your own tropical island paradise may not be on your bucket list just yet, not until you’ve done a bit of research at least. But we certainly did. After visiting the Philippines for over two decades we found Boracay one of the best places to have both relaxing and adventurous experiences. It may not be the place to be if you’re over 70 years old unless you like watching the tanned bodies and sexy women on the beaches. And Boracay is certainly value for money if you plan your holiday well. Finding someone who has experienced Boracay, and is happy to give recommendations like a friend are well worth listening to.

You have the money, you’re finally ready to book your plane ride and accommodations for a trip to one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. You’ll be totally excited to pack your swimsuits, hop on a plane, and finally experience the look and feel of one of Boracay’s thirteen powdery white sand beaches. There is not an over abundance of American travelers who have the courage

Magnificent Mile Diner to Satisfy Your Taste Buds

When in Chicago, the most pleasurable thing to do next to shopping is fine dining. After a one of a kind shopping experience along Michigan Avenue, you can treat yourself to a hearty snack or meal. To replenish the energy that was spent after an enjoyable and exciting shopping in all the famous brands of clothes, shoes, jewelries and many more.

Aside from being the fashion hub of the city, Michigan Avenue is also a haven for those who are hungry. Actually, Chicago has some of the famous restaurants in the US like the newly opened Odyssey where you can eat while on cruise Lake Michigan. An estimated 550 restaurants in this great city and most of these are along Michigan Avenue and inside some luxury hotels.

Within the Magnificent Mile alone, a number of restaurants and food shops can be found. You can be hungry for a specific cuisine if you want to and you can definitely find something that will satisfy you. There are choices also for the younger generation for those who likes luxury, formal dining in the Magnificent Mile. Indeed, people from different walks of life, genre and even likes and dislikes

Foodaholic’s New Hives in Valencia

Valencia City is the most populated, fast growing, and most progressive city of the Province of Bukidnon. Hotels, resorts, and international franchises like 7-Eleven are investing in the City. With this, many locals of the City are also influenced in putting up capitals to start up new and small but unique businesses. Most of these businesses owned by young entrepreneurs are places where people can chill, eat good food, and have fun. These diners are the new hives of the food lovers of the City.

The Burgers ‘n Fries Forever located at Roxas Street near the San Agustin Institute of Technology, is one diner where many young foodaholics hang out. The diner serves beef burger made of Australian brahman beef patty sandwiched by a big but soft bun, tossed in with lettuce, slices of tomato, dashed with pickles, and sauced with their special mixed sauce. They also serve sausages in flavors of Schublig, Vealbratwurst, Cheese, Frankfurter, and the all-time favorite Hungarian. Burger or sausage is boring without french fries. BFF also serves French fries in exciting shapes and flavors. The serve pennant fries, twister fries, crisscut fries, and the healthiest skin-on fries. They also have drinks and

Astonishingly Nature’s Best Proof

If you are thinking of a weekend getaway where you can just reconnect with mother nature, you may want to consider adding Ifugao, Philippines in your list. It can be a haphazard vacation but still, you will have that assurance that you will achieve that euphoric sabbatical feeling.

I had the exceptional chance to go and stay there for two days, together with my friends. It was a once in a lifetime vacation and I thought it’s a nice shatter from our routinary work-home-work-home schedule in the city. So off we all went on a weekend. Although, typically, I wanted to experience the more conventional way of spending a vacation, you know, searching for the cheapest inn, discovering the roads going to the most beautiful spots, questioning my heart out to know where’s the best restaurant, etc. I really never had the chance to experience any of these since we stayed in a place where everything was free, courtesy of another friend. Anyway, it was really divine…okay, I know I haven’t even started with my story yet, but really, it was.

Ideally, it was supposed to be a 6-hour drive from Manila but we had several

If You Want the Best Markets in London

One of London’s pride is its market places, which conveys a little bit of the history of London. Some of the markets date back to the medieval times, that is why a trip to buy simple food or valuables may sometimes end up being a trip to memory lane

This goes without saying that of course, different people have different preferences. You may or may not agree about our choice of the best markets in London, but we have outlined our explanations why that certain market enters our list – and its up to you to judge.

Abbey Mills Market
If you are aiming to relax in South London area while browsing the different goods displayed, Abbey Mills Market is for you. The market place boasts an assortment of crafts, jewellery, antiques, and hand made goods plus a functional pottery located in the old watermill. You will likely find some unique baubles and other gifts including those which you may consider as out of this world. The Abbey Mills’ history is also etched in the textile museum. The market is situated on the Northern Line near the Colliers Wood Tube station.

Camden Market
Beautifully crafted

Moments Spent at Mom and Tina’s Cafe

Moments spent with my favorite people in the world are priceless. It feels great to bond with friends over yummy foods but nothing feels more celebrated and wonderful than to dine out and bond with your family. Since my Papa passed away last March, my sister and I made it a point to treat my mom out as often as we could.

For that one special date with my mom, we decided to try Mom and Tina’s Cafe. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of yummy things about it that’s why I was so perked up to give this resto a try.

Immediately after I saw the fresh from the Christmas story book look of the resto’s facade, I fell in love with it. It was like I could feel that very moment that I’m going to enjoy my stay there. Off we went in. If from the outside, Mom and Tina’s looked like it was photographed from a Christmas story book, wait till you get inside. The place is very cozy and laid-back, like you are suddenly toted to the animated cosmos of Cafe World or perhaps, being carried inside the dainty Gingerbread House.

Choosing The Healthy Food

Dining out is one treat everyone loves to indulge once in awhile. For someone who does all the cooking at home, this is certainly considered leisure. However if you are on diet, eating out can be tough especially when it comes to choosing food that will not make you feel guilty. Here are some tips that can help you make eating out an enjoyable experience.

One must be aware that most restaurants have nice looking menu pictures that show case the food they serve. Other than being effective in stimulating one’s appetite, these pictures can speak a thousand words. You should avoid looking at the pictures.

Another thing to avoid when looking over the menu is getting swayed by delectable sounding food names on the list. Again, these names can conjure up images in you that will start off your cravings of food that you have been avoiding.

“World’s Best Chocolate Cake ” sounds so tempting and mouth watering, isn’t it? You would think that a chocolate cake that has that name would certainly taste heavenly! Unfortunately, it turns out to be just an ordinary cake loaded with calories. For this reason, it would be

A Chick Evens Story

As I look back now, I suppose I could say, my grandpa was never cut out to look young, one of those guys that looked to me, all my life-in all the twenty-seven years of knowing him-he never got older, he just stayed old from day one, always looking the same; except a little towards the last months of his life, and then it wasn’t his fault, he was tiring over those long 83-years of life and work, he worked up to about three months prior to his death. I called him the Old Russian Bear; he came from Russia, in 1916 (born in 1891) and fought in WWI, in 1918, as an American Soldier.

I remember the way he’d pull on my ears as we walked down the dark gloomy streets at night to get a haircut, for seventy-five cents, at a friend’s house that was a dollar cheaper than the barbershop, back in 1955.

Early on Saturday mornings, we’d rush out of the house to go downtown to the marketplace (in St. Paul, Minnesota), it was a two mile walk, and by the time we got to the market, I’d just be waking up,

Happy Hour Bars and Having Fun

You must be aware of the fact that nowadays, a large number of people prefer spending their weekends visiting bars and restaurants after a hectic week at their office. But for most of the people who have a limited amount of income, cannot afford to visit restaurants and bars every weekend because they do not come cheap. It is one of the main reasons why many restaurants and bars are giving the facility of happy hours to attract more customers. During the happy hours, people get good amount of discount on the food menu and drinks. It is considered as an important and popular trick to increase the customer flow which will be beneficial for the restaurant and bar owners. There are many more advantages in visiting the bars in these happy hours for the customer’s and owner’s point of views.

In today’s day and age, where life is so busy and hectic, friends rarely get time to meet and spend some fun time together enjoying with a couple of drinks. Also, the charges of restaurants and bars are so high these days that, people have to give a thought before deciding to meet in a good

Sahara Desert Tips and Restaurants

The Sahara is considered as the largest and hottest desert situated in Northern Africa. Many restaurants located near the Sahara offer different specialties that would range from the meat of lamb, chicken or even a mixture of other delicacies. They also love to eat vegetables. They even prepare salads, in form of tuna and vegetables.

Most fine dining restaurants from all parts of the world serve a dish influenced by North African recipes. The restaurants along the Sahara desert offer their best in culinary cuisine. The unique flavors come with the unique way of preparing it. The way they cook in these regions, until after the preparation of foods on the plate are similar to contemporary catering.

Customers always leave the dining areas very satisfied and fulfilled. Some tourists who visit the Sahara also go to fine restaurants nearby or near their hotels in order to experience that extraordinary African cuisine. In fact, they are more recognized for the quality and great tasting sauces as well as the mixture of spices they put in every dish.

There are also numerous restaurants along the Sahara that serve seafood. Most of these restaurants are still influenced by

Mexican Food Appetizers

Mexican foods today are increasingly becoming popular and a favorite. Individuals who are looking for different types but delicious foods always ask for Mexican food especially those enticing Mexican food appetizers. Another reason why many are asking for these Mexican foods is that this type of cuisine usually is very healthy. It uses lean meat and variety of vegetables mixed with choice spices. Some of the Mexican foods even showcased the use of maize, corn, tortillas, beans, hot chili peppers and tomatoes among others.

Mexican food appetizers have long been the preference and favorite of many Americans because of its strong flavors and healthy colorful ingredients. Chili, tomatoes and beans are the usual content or main ingredients of many Mexican foods and appetizers in most menus or recipe that you can find today. The taste is also unique but delicious, thus Mexican food really appeals to American people as well as those visitors who like their food hot but appetizing most of the time. The Guacamole, Mexican pizza and Quick Quesadillas are some of the most common Mexican appetizers that are popular to many resto goers.

Today, a lot of cuisine authorities like chefs and food

The Best Buffets in Atlantic City

Are you heading to Atlantic City and looking for a place to eat in town? Well, you’re in luck. I just took a trip to that old river city a few months and spent my days looking for the perfect buffet restaurants to satisfy my voracious appetite.

What did I find? Here’s a list of restaurants that I found that have really awesome and really affordable food in the Atlantic City:

1. The Melting Pot

If you want to try something different, The Melting Pot restaurant is for you. A well-known fondue restaurant, it is a perfect “date spot” to bring someone special to you.

2. Waterfront Buffet

If you want a resto where there’s a variety of food to choose from, Waterfront is the best option. Whether you feel like eating dimsum, Mongolian, crabs or crispy fried chicken, you’ll find it here.

3. Tun Tavern Restaurant and Brewery

If you want to have fun, the Tun Tavern is the best place to go in the city. It is known as one of the liveliest spots in the city. At the Tun Tavern, you’ll have your fill of great food and